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Having been married for over 10 years, my sex life with my wife a little boring, which had begun to have our own interests and different circles of friends. egotastic That night she was in a girls' night of their work, some friends of mine came round and dragged me by the drunk to watch the game.... as the night went and saw our team whipped cream always consumes a lot of beer, hit one of the guys took a taxi into town and go to a club..... A few bars later we find in this dirty dive of a club that seemed due to the amount of alcohol very well at the moment, which was filled with the typical DD type of women and men, Goetting chat when one of the boys mentioned that if the other side of the bar was a group of people who dare to others, and some of the girls had sucked just a guy.... so we moved to better see the action as we approached we could hear the voices of anyone daring to dare one another to do so has prompted a woman to bearchildren, I could see where I am, must be 5 or 6 kids and they sat around the same number of women at a table with a bunch of barking I guess for a egotastic more, went to a noise so I guess it was for action saw a man drop his pants pockets and girls in the crowd wild when he was well equipped...... I moved around as I rounded the back of a woman on a table and rub his dick man against her ass... soon to hit him, he was in it, the crowd were seeing, with the boys told him to give her well, soon shot his load and was soon one of his friends.... soon replaced spunk on her ass y... until a third guy all the time shouting and applause, I could see his classmates to see and laugh at all the other side of the table..... the fourth man decided to turn around, put on the back, spread her legs and pushed his dick in her pussy Juicey, I could see clearly now........ I saw my wife always fUcked and I love it, I was stuck in the ground, I felt a hand on my shoulder, hit one of my colleagues might otherwise go to surprise him, let me egotastic run the club... not much to say... and took a taxi home..... I was not very good company for my colleagues have gone home, but decided John was kip on the couch when he was a little concerened what would I do if my wife came home........... I woke up it was 5 am, I had the opportunity to speak ill of John and Vicky, I got up and went downstairs, John had said Vicky, what we saw, and she began to mourn... After a long discussion it became clear that they enjoyed the experience, but egotastic egotastic I did not bother me, and he had not received adequate attention, my fault, I suppose, but as we talked I realized that on, as I thought again to see my wife fucked......... Soon the conversation turned to matters of a sexual manner, as in the other......... Vicky and egotastic said that indeed, feel strategiclength, but something more exciting to watch, a little relieved John also said he could not take her eyes and wished he was one of the guys fuck her....... Vicky got to this point to tell me how much it was, I started to kiss and said I would do it for me too, John has always been to go, he was told to stay where he was, he egotastic smiled and went back and started to Snog, looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders, so he started to kiss her back, knelt before him and took his cock from his pants and started to suck because it was hard, she greeted me and I got and stood beside her and began to suck my... it was not long before we're all egotastic naked on the floor of John and me to explore her body and was very wet pussy... fuck both, with more passion for me, as happed to do with the years, her orgasm was amazing! trembling legs and moans and gasps of pleasure incredible.... John's vision would not give his cock in herA strange feeling when another man takes his wife for almost egotastic cum in sight.... had since our sex life and now have regular meets with other couples and John......
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